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Ronnie Delgado

The RISE Bible Study has been a blessing for me on such a time we are facing. Studying the Bible has never been this much fun and exciting! It's like being in an adventure! The sisterhood you gain is incredible! Totally love it!!!

Georgiana Martinez

RISE bible study has impacted me in so many ways. Everyone learned together and from each other. I was able to gain a better understanding of the stories we covered. As well as see them in a new way such as the book of Ruth. RISE bible study is not like your typical bible study class, room is given for the Holy Spirit to move freely. As a result there is much needed healing and deliverance that takes place during the bible study meetings. When I think about RISE bible study I think about a sisterhood that not only seeks more of God together but that does life together as well. It's a safe place to learn more about God, yourself, and the plans He has for your life. 

Maritza Martinez

I've been serving God for approximately twenty plus years. I'm a member of wonderful church which I love dearly. However in the last two years I fell into a deep depression and found myself in a dark place where my confidence and self-esteem was low and thought my time serving God was over. Looking for guidance and trying to get back where I left off seemed so far almost lost hope. That's when I was introduced to RISE. I didn't think it twice to join the classes and I want to say that not only I gained my confidence back, but my relationship with God was stronger, I felt stronger and I couldn't had done it without the amazing people that are part of RISE, and the extraordinary woman of God behind this group. She trusted that I can, and I did. What I love the most it's the passion, love and enthusiasm there is to work for God's Kingdom in this group. I truly encourage those who think that their time serving the Lord is up, because in God there's no limit in learning, growing and serving.

Sophy Velasquez

RISE! Bible study group is a group of powerful women of God. This group has Empowered me to learn scriptures, to seek and know Jesus, as our source of eternal life.

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