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If you are anything like me, you thank God for the moments that were meant to destroy you but actually worked out in your favor. I can look back at my life and see how the hand of God was keeping me even when I could not keep myself. He has raised me up, Empowered me, Inspired me and Restored me to be a blessing to other women who have been in that place of uncertainty. Perhaps, you have been trying to make sense out of things or you have been trying to figure out what is your purpose? What am I assigned to do? How do I know my calling? How can I know for sure what am I supposed to be doing?" I'm sure you have a desire to be all that you can be, and naturally you have asked these questions. You are not alone. Women all over the world have felt that way. Let me introduce you to my Women Empowerment!!! R.I.S.E Women Empowerment is MORE than an organization, it is more than you can imagine, it is a world wide movement seeking to Empower even the most broken of women. You can choose to join our weekly Women's Bible Study where we meet via zoom on Thursdays. We also have a Leadership Development course where you will learn critical and essential characteristics needed to lead with purpose and intention. Our leadership course is affordable and payment plans are available. We work for the goal of your growth and cannot wait to have you join us!


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